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We Appreciate Our Valued Partners Who Are Helping Us Grow!
We’d like to share some reviews from clients who have already managed to fulfill
their real estate investment needs.

renew capital testimonials

Michael N.

Silver Lake, CA

When looking for a lender,

I needed someone who could provide excellent customer service and transparency. I needed someone who could accommodate my unique situation. Renew Capital exceeded my expectations by meeting all my criteria and providing me with one of the most competitive rates that I came across while looking for a hard money loan.

renew capital testimonials

Audrey V.

Hollywood Hills, CA

After being denied by a few banks,

I asked my friends and colleagues about alternative financing companies, and that’s how I was referred to Renew Capital. I needed someone special, someone who could accommodate my needs and finalize my loan in no time. Renew Capital kept their promise. All contingencies were removed, and the deal was closed on time. Thank you, Renew Capital!

renew capital testimonials

Scott J.

Hollywood Hills, CA

Choosing the right lender

is not the easiest decision of your life, and you want to make sure you are working with the specialist you trust. Renew Capital gained my trust from the very beginning. They were very straightforward and transparent about the process, timelines and costs, which made working with them incredibly easy and delightful. It was a pleasure working with Renew Capital, and I would always refer my friends and family to these guys.

renew capital testimonials


South El Monte, CA

As a real estate investor, and someone

who has regularly invested in trust deeds, I have had my good share of lenders. I have closed conventional loans with banks and other private mortgage companies before, but they can’t compare to the customer service at Renew Capital.

These guys were very responsive and took care of my transaction as if I was their only client. All my questions and concerns were answered and addressed in a very timely manner. The excellent customer service and responsiveness really make them stand out from the lenders I used to deal with. I cannot imagine working with someone else on my future investment deals.

renew capital testimonials

Antonova A.

Hollywood Hills, CA

In today’s market it is not easy to find

your next investment property, and I was looking for mine for quite a long time. When I finally came across my perfect property, my real estate agent and Renew Capital helped me get my offer approved. Unfortunately, banks tend to process loans for ages.

Even though I removed all contingencies, the closing date was approaching rapidly, and there was no actual progress with the loan. I was so close to losing my deposit, but I was very lucky to come across Renew Capital. They were able to provide me with private financing and close the transaction within 5 days. Some time later, I decided to refinance into a conventional loan with their sister company EIG, with the lowest interest rate available on the market.

Renew Capital did an amazing job communicating with me and enlightening me along the process. I would highly recommend Renew Capital to anyone who is in the market right now to purchase a property.

testimonials renew capital

Dennis D.

Washington Mountain, CA

Getting a mortgage was one of the hardest decisions of my life.

We are running a small daycare for kids in Los Angeles, and things have been going so great that we needed to start the waitlist for families who wanted to attend our facility. We realized that we needed more capital to take the next step and grow.

Finding an investor was out of the question, though. Renew Capital was great at providing financial advice and the best options for us to get capital with the least amount of stress. They made this process seem easy and educated us on the loan and business along the way. We are very thankful for crossing paths with Renew Capital.

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